Words From You

Global Tastes 

by Shari Wainberg

 "It seems like yesterday since I attended your export assistance program. In just a very short

time, I went from being totally puzzled over how to start an export business to juggling several projects at one time. These classes have been invaluable to me, as a budding entrepreneur.

The most important element that I got from your classes was networking opportunitieswould never dream in a million years that I would meet my new international attorney in your

classes. Not only is Naveen smart, but he is working with me pro bono until I make a profit! He predicted I would be successful while I was still scratching my head wondering if I could handle

being an international broker.


"My most valuable contact has been Eddy Sumar. He has already saved me thousands of dollars in making sound business decisions and has tirelessly given me examples of what not to do based on his previous business experiences. He has always been there when I needed him and has opened up creative channels I never thought possible. I am most excited by his upcoming entrepreneur program at the high school level and I have already volunteered to be a speaker on new paths for budding young women. There is nothing more valuable to me than a mentor who is happiest when he is giving advice.


"A big thank you, Robert, for the invaluable export assistance program. This has changed my life and given me hope, that if I work hard and smart, I can be successful on my third career. You and your team were so helpful in creating my new web site www.globaltastes.bizI am proud to show it to potential clients and know that I can build on it in the future.


"Tony Michalski, with the Dept. of Commerce, gave me a lead that came into his office, which gave me the opportunity to work with an Indian businessman interested in buying walnuts, almonds and pistachios from our great state of California. All I had to do was open my eyes to

new ventures coming into my life and have the confidence to offer my services to someone

who asked for a list of growers. Because I did, I got an email from a fantastic sales person

asking me to help him!


"Last, but not least, thank you to Paul Smith, who was my first cheer leader and champion! He

was the one who convinced me to go to the How to Do Business in India event and introduced

me to the participants. Every time I talk to him, I get more excited! I am now doing business

with India, and it fills me with pride that I am living a dream I never thought possible.


"The export assistance program was free (for the price of a tank of gas!). It was worth the drive

from Los Angeles, to attend these classes and I would tell anyone who wants to start a new

career or kick start their existing career about the benefits of these classes. The sky is the limit

and I am reaching for the stars!" 

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