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Teacher/Faculty Resources
A-G Cadre of Experts
  • The a-g Cadre of Experts is a partner project to the a-g Interactive Guide project. They work in tandem to facilitate the development of rigorous curriculum that meets the a-g criteria, provide quality technical assistance to the field, and ultimately strengthen the academic programs for secondary students in California. The a-g Cadre of Experts is comprised of members of California Department of Education (CDE) staff and educators in the field, each with a specific area of focus and expertise.

A Teacher's Guide to Currency Around the World
  • Introductory guide on world currencies with respective symbols and country flags.

Business Boot Camp
  • This short film (by Susan O' Leary) is about the young entrepreneurs at 'Business Boot Camp' in Napa Valley, California. It focuses on the curriculum of the week-long camp and the students' feelings about what they learned.


CA Career Briefs

  • This website provides California Community College faculty and Career Professionals with brief career related classroom activities and quick tips that focus on student success, professional associations, and workplace skills.


CA Career Cafe Website

The CA Career Cafe is a student resource developed by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. The MENU of services includes:


  • GET STARTED to help students uncover who they are and where they want to be;

  • GET A PATHWAY to explore California's 15 industry sectors;

  • GET EXPERIENCE to practice and build workplace skills;

  • GET HELP to solve problems that get in the way;

  • GET HIRED to identify specific steps to finding a job;

  • HOT CAREER TIPS to encourage students do little things to make a big difference;

  • COOL CONNECTIONS to make helpful career contacts.


Career Academy Support Network (CASN)

  • The Career Academy Support Network is dedicated to the goal of improving high schools, particularly through career academies and other small learning communities. Career academies combine coursework that prepares students for both college and career. Partnerships with employers and higher education give students opportunities to learn beyond the high school classroom.


CTE Online

  • As part of California's world-class educational environment, educators specifically supporting Career and Technical Education programs throughout the state use the curriculum development tools and resources found within to document and share the exceptional, industry specific instruction taking place regularly in our public schools.


CTE Toolbox

  • An online resource of Career and Technical Education resources and activities for Educators and Parents.


I Plan It

  • Developed by the Yosemite Community College District, I PLAN IT is a Career Exploration site for 7th - 12th graders featuring pathways in manufacturing, renewable energy, and entrepreneurship.


It's Up 2 U, R U Game?

  • This booklet for middle school students is filled with games that help students in Orange County, California discover their path to success.

  • This booklet and others are downloadable free at the CTE Toolbox website.


OC (Orange County) Careers

  • Developed for those interested in careers in Orange County, this website offers information about career pathways organized by industry sectors and high school or community college programs.


One-Shot Deal?

  • Students' Perceptions of Assessment and Course Placement in California's Community Colleges

  • A report that describes students perceptions about their assessment and placement experiences in California's community colleges.


Who Do You Want To Be?

  • A student-focused, interactive web site that provides self-exploration of CTE, career options, testimonials and links to community college campuses, financial aid information and career-related programs. Interactive elements such as web site testimonials, online games and quizzes were incorporated on the site as a source of self-discovery for the target audience.


Work-Based Learning in California

  • Work-based learning is an educational strategy that links academic instruction with the world of work. By itself, it is a powerful tool for motivating students and enhancing learning. But it holds particular promise in the context of multiple pathways, an approach to high school reform in California that seeks to prepare more young people for success both in college and the workplace. This report, prepared by WestEd researchers for The James Irvine Foundation, takes a broad look at work-based learning in California: how it is practiced, what it looks like when done well, and how it could be expanded to engage more students.







California International Business University (U.S.A.)


Florida International University (U.S.A.)


Fordham University (U.S.A.)


Georgetown University (U.S.A.)


National District Export Council (U.S.A.)


San Diego State University (U.S.A.)


Stanford University (U.S.A)


Thunderbird (U.S.A.) -


Tufts University (U.S.A.)


University of Colorado (U.S.A.)


University of San Diego (U.S.A.)


University of South Carolina (U.S.A.)

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